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  • 1) What happens if a flight schedule is changed?
    If a flight schedule is changed, we will adjust our schedules with regards to arrival time, however we do require immediate notification from our clients.
  • 2) What is transfer?
    Transfer is transportation between 2 points, from Airport to Hotel, from City to City, etc. If additional stops are required, such as sightseeing or meals stops please advise our dispatch team, so that we may schedule our services accordingly.
  • 3) When is deadhead considered?
    Deadhead is considered when a coach needs to travel long distances for pick up outside of home base. For example, when a group is required to be picked up from Calgary AB, we will need to add a deadhead charge of 1 day.
  • 4) Under what situations do we need to provide driver’s single room accommodation?
    It is important the group provides a single room for the driver during a multi-day trip.
  • 5) What if our trips includes visiting the Canadian and USA national park?
    When planning to visit a National Park in USA or Canada, please make sure you verify the appropriate fees such as bus parking, and/or individual entry fees. We will verify the individual costs of the parks you intend to visit when the itinerary is submitted.
  • 6) Are the highway tolls, bridge tolls and ferry tolls included in the charter cost?"
    The costs of the toll booths located on highways, bridges and ferry terminals are not included in the charter rates. We will add these charges to the invoice when the trip is complete. When traveling to Vancouver Island by motor coach, you will need to plan on the additional cost of Ferry Transportation between Vancouver & Victoria.
  • 7) Are gratuities included in the charter cost?
    Our services do not include any gratuities for our drivers. We encourage that the groups and passengers thank the driver personally if they feel that the driver’s performance exceeded your expectations.
  • 8) Can the driver provide local guide services?
    A driver’s primary responsibility is to have his attention on the road; he/she must ensure the safety of all passengers on board. We do have and can arrange local driver or tour guides who can provide excellent guide services for your trips. This will be charged separately from the bus rental rates.
  • 9) What preventative maintenance does your company carry out to reduce the risk of breakdowns?
    Our maintenance department keep all records such as: 30 day inspection, CVSE inspection, logbook, regular shop maintenance record and all other repairs on our coaches. With these records we can keep track of what work was performed on our coaches to reduce possible breakdowns.
  • 10) Please explain your company process when dealing with inevitable breakdown.
    In the event when a coach breaks down, our dispatch team will assist the group as soon as they can. Far GoCoach Lines main repair depot is in Richmond, BC, and we have a partner repair shop in Alberta. In circumstances when repairing the coach is not an option, Far GoCoach Lines will call all available resources to keep the customer inconvenience to the minimum.
  • 11) Please advise how the coaches are cleaned in between trips?
    Far Go Coaches are washed inside and out after every trip. Our coaches are cleaned and inspected every day before each trip.

Terms & Conditions

Price List

All pricing on price list include the bus rental, driver, gas and insurance fee. Other expenses such as parking fee, bridge fee, driver accommodations, driver tips, overtime and GST are not included. 


Payment method

We will advise of acceptable payment methods at time of confirmation. We do accept, E-transfer, Cheques, Bank Wires and Bank Draft.



If services are cancelled by 72 hours prior to start of service, then there will be no cancellation fees applied. For services cancelled after the driver has been dispatched, cancellation fees may apply, please speak with our customer service representative if this occurs. 


Additional & Reduce Time Charges

Additional time charges may apply when a bus usage time goes over the agreed service hour. To support schedule changes, our drivers will ask the tour guide or group leader for an authorized signature, to permit the additional time. 

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